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Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is the first entry in the Sly Cooper series. It was developed by Sucker Punch for the PS2.


Description Build Date Region Serial Debug Menu Notes
E3 2002 Demo April 8 2002 NTSC-U SCUS-97210 No
E3 2002 Playable Demo (May 19) May 19 2002 NTSC-U SCUS-97198 Yes Playable demo ostensibly for the E3 show floor
E3 2002 Playable Demo (May 21) May 21 2002 NTSC-U SCUS-97198 Yes Nearly identical to May 19 demo
Jampack Winter 2002 Demo June 14 2002 NTSC-U No
August 23 Review Code August 23 2002 NTSC-U SCUS-97198 No
NTSC-U Release August 24 2002 NTSC-U SCUS-97198 No
November 8 PAL Review November 8 2002 PAL SCES-50917 Black screen when entering Paris, unplayable without patch
PAL Demo November 18 2002 PAL No
PAL Release (Sly Raccoon) November 21 2002 PAL No
PAL post-release demo December 6 2002 PAL No
Korean post-release demo December 19 2002 NTSC-K No
Japan post-release demo December 19 2002 NTSC-J No Same build as above
Korean Release (슬라이 쿠퍼) December 31 2002 NTSC-K SCKA-20004 No
Japanese Release (Kaitou Sly Cooper) January 31 2003 NTSC-J No
Kiosk 2.12 Spring 2004 demo January 31 2003 No
The Sly Collection November 2010 Review October 17, 2010 No PS3 build
PS3 Disc release (The Sly Collection) October 17, 2010 No PS3 build
PSN & Vita release (The Sly Collection) September 6, 2011 No PS3 build