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Data Structure
GameSly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

SMARTGUARD is the struct representing flashlight guards in Sly 1.


The SMARTGUARD struct has the following fields:

Offset Size Type Name Notes

SGS enum

The SMARTGUARD's behavior is controlled by the SGS (smart guard state) enum.

Name Value Description
Reset 0x0
Patrol 0x1
PatrolIdle 0x2
PatrolWaypoint 0x3
ReturnToPatrol 0x4
Search 0x5
SearchIdle 0x6
Discover 0x7
LostPlayer 0x8
GiveUpSearch 0x9
Taunt 0xA
Dying 0xB
Pursue 0xC
PursueIdle 0xD
Attack 0xE
AttackIdle 0xF
Stun 0x10