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Data Structure
GameSly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Official NameYes

LS (level state) is a data structure in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It is responsible for the state of each worldlevel in the game.


The LS struct has the following fields:

Offset Size Type Name Notes
0x0 4
enum FLS
fls Level state flags
0x4 4
dt Total spent in level (secs)
0x8 4
dtTimedBest Best MTS time for level
0xc 4
uSuck Player's suck value for level (increases when you die)
0x10 4
? Unknown value, realated to suck
0x14 48
afDialogPlayed Array of dialog played flags
0x44 32
struct SceneVar[4]
scene vars array Array of scene variables
0x64 4
cclue Count of clue bottles collected
0x68 4
abitClue Bitfield marking which bottles have been collected
0x70 8

Level state flags

The current state of the level is represented using the FLS enum, which has the following possible values:

Name Value Description
FLS_Visited 0x1 The level has been visited and is selectable from the map
FLS_KeyCollected 0x2 The key has been collected on the level
FLS_Secondary 0x4 The vault has been opened on the level
FLS_Tertiary 0x8 The MTS has been completed on the level
FLS_BossDefeated 0x10 Self-explanatory

uSuck values

Each individual level state has a uSuck value which is used to scale the game's difficulty. There is also a second value related to suck stored at offset 0x10, but the purpose of that value is currently unknown. It is often incremented at the same time as the first suck value, but the second one is sometimes multiplied by some value to make it bigger or smaller.

Clue values

The level state has two values associated with clue bottles. The first, cclue, is the quantity of clue bottles have been collected in the level. The second, fclue, is a bitfield that keeps track of which specific clue bottles have been collected.

Each bit in fclue corresponds to a specific clue in the map. During a level load, any particular clue bottle will only be spawned in if the corresponding bit is not set.

Dialog flags

Every LS has an array for storing up to 12 dialog flags, afDialogPlayed, with each flag corresponding to a specific dialog. Most are Bentley cutscenes but it is also used for things like the PA announcements in the hub maps.

If a dialog flag is set to 0, that dialog will automatically play when Sly enters the associated trigger volume. If the flag is set to 1, then the trigger volume instead causes the L1 popup blot to appear in the lower-left corner, giving the option to replay the dialog.

Scene variables

Each LS has slots for up to 4 scene variables. A new game has no scene vars set, and the game sets them as it needs to.

When the game wants to set a scene variable, it uses the following algorithm:

  1. Checks all the scene flags on the LS for that level to see if a variable with that ID is already set.
    • If so, update the value.
    • If not, write the ID/value pair to the first available slot on the level.

The following is a list of all known scene variables the game uses. There may still be more that are undiscovered.

Level ID (hex) ID (dec) Known Values
Prowling the Grounds 0x748 1864 1 - Set when you attempt to unlock the generator without enough keys. Disables the "you need x more keys" dialog.
Into The Machine 0x7e3 2019 2019 - Set if the invisible wall of fire is activated.
Last Call 0x5a8 1448 1 - Set every time you hit a mirror. Disables the "why don't you try hitting those mirrors" dialog.
The Swamp's Dark Center 0x692 1682 1 - Voodoo gate left candle broken in the W3 hub
The Swamp's Dark Center 0x695 1685 1 - Voodoo gate right candle broken in the W3 hub
Duel by the Dragon 0x53b 1339 0 - Set when you first load the level. Enables the Carmelita cutscene on the roof.

1 - Set when the first Carmelita cutscene plays. Disables the Carmelita cutscene until you leave and re-enter the level.

A Strange Reunion 0x701 1793 1 - Unknown, set when the level starts. Probably related to cutscenes.

3 - Unknown, probably related to cutscenes.

A Strange Reunion 0x704 1796 10 - Unknown

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