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The Swamp's Dark Center
The Swamps Dark Center.png
GameSly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
WorldVicious Voodoo
File Namev_hub
Map ID301

v_hub is the hub map for World 3 of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Its name in-game is The Swamp’s Dark Center.

Level state[edit | edit source]

State values[edit | edit source]

Values stored on the level state can be found at the following addresses.

Name Type Address
fls FLS 0x27CF8C
dt float 0x27CF90
dtTimedBest float 0x27CF94
uSuck float 0x27CF98
uSuck_unknown float 0x27CF9C
cclue int 0x27CFF0
fclue 32 bits 0x27CFF4

Dialogue flags[edit | edit source]

The level uses the following flags to track which dialogues have been played.

ID Address Character Description
0 0x27CFA0 Sly/Bentley Mask stirrer cutscene
1 0x27CFA4 Sly/Bentley "My paranormal scanner is maxing out on that structure..."
10 0x27CFC8 Mz Ruby "Wake up you lazy bags of swamp gas..."

Scene variables[edit | edit source]

The purple voodoo-gate with the left candle broken and the right candle intact

The level uses the following values scene variables.

Description ID Values
Purple gate candle (right side) 0x692 0 - Not broken

1 - Broken

Purple gate candle (left side) 0x695 0 - Not broken

1 - Broken

Trivia[edit | edit source]