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Underwater (abbreviated uw) is World 1 of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It's official title is Tide of Terror.


There are 9 levels in Tide of Terror, including the hub.

ID Name File Name
100 A Stealthy Approach uw_exterior_approach
101 Prowling the Grounds uw_exterior_boat
102 High Class Heist uw_bonus_security
103 Into the Machine uw_bonus_drivewheels_final
104 A Cunning Disguise uw_bonus_library
105 The Fire Down Below uw_t3_final
106 Treasure in the Depths uw_rip_off
107 Gunboat Graveyard uw_c2_final
108 The Eye of the Storm uw_boss_blimp