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Sly 2: Band of Thieves is the second release in the Sly Cooper series, following Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus and followed by Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It was developed by Sucker Punch for the PS2.


Description Build Date Region Type Debug Menu Notes
Monaco Build Unknown n/a Prototype Unreleased alpha build
March 17 Internal Build March 17 2004 NTSC-U Prototype Yes
E3 2004 Demo April 12 2004[check] NTSC-U Demo No
July 11 Preview Code July 11 2004 NTSC-U Review Code No
RAC 3 Prototype Demo July 18 2004 Demo No
Official PS Magazine Demo (Germany) July 21 2004 PAL Demo No
RAC 3 + Sly 2 Demo (Europe) July 27 2004 PAL Demo No
August 9 NTSC Review Code August 9 2004 NTSC-U Review Code No
North American release August 13 2004 NTSC-U Release No
Demo in RAC 3 (PAL) August 31 2004 PAL Demo No
Demo in RAC 3 (NTSC) August 31 2004 NTSC-U Demo No An hour apart from PAL demo
September 11 PAL Review Code September 11 2004 PAL Review No
European v1.0 release September 15 2004[check] PAL Release No
Official PS Magazine Demo (USA) September 20 2004 NTSC-U Demo No
European v2.01 release October 6, 2004 PAL Release No
October 20 2004 Unknown
NTSC post-release demo[check] September 23 2004 NTSC-U Demo No
PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 089 December 21 2004 No
Korean release December 21 2004[check] NTSC-K Release No
Japanese release (Kaitou Sly Cooper 2) January 21 2005 NTSC-J Release No
PSN & Vita release (The Sly Collection) May 24 2010 Release No