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You don't need to be a mod creator or programmer to contribute to the wiki! Read below for some ways you can help.

Documenting game content

Documentation is the core focus of this wiki. If, through modding or reverse-engineering, you learn some new technical information about a file format, game mechanic, or something along those lines, please add it! The goal is to make information readily accessible so it is quicker and easier to make mods.

If you have something to add something but there is no page for it, feel free to create one! Even if it’s very short, just add the {{stub}} tag to the bottom of the page, and eventually someone will come along and expand it. If you'd like to research something but don't know where to start, check out Category:Stubs for short articles that need to be expanded.


There are many topics on the wiki which are not fully understood, or have aspects that have not yet been explained. Many of these topics can be found at Category:Articles needing investigation. If you are able to elaborate on a subject or explain something that is not well-researched, it may lead to further developments in modding a reverse-engineering.


Some statements on the wiki are unconfirmed and required fact-checking to confirm their accuracy. The category Category:Articles needing fact-checking contains a list of pages with statements that need to be checked. If you are able to confirm something is true, simply remove the [check] tag or replace it with a citation. If you check a statement and find out that it’s incorrect, feel free to correct or remove it!

If you are adding something to an article and you aren't 100% sure it's correct, add the {{check}} tag so everyone knows it is unconfirmed. If you come across a statement that you don't think is correct but you can't check it yourself, also feel free to add the {{check}} tag.

Adding images

If an article has few or no images it is usually a good idea to add some. This is usually as simple as taking a screenshot in PCSX2 and uploading it. A list of articles that need images can be found at Category:Articles needing images.

Check out the image guidelines for instructions on how to add images to articles.

Copy editing

Feel free to copy edit and fix mistakes in articles when you see them. This includes fixing typos, correcting grammar mistakes, improving sentence structure, and more.