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Data Structure
GameSly 2: Band of Thieves
Official NameNo

The Task struct is a single node in the DAG which manages the current game state. Tasks may be associated with a particular Mission or Checkpoint.


Offset Size Type Name Notes
0x18 4
id Unique ID for the task
0x20 4
struct Task*
pnext Pointer to the next task
0x54 4
enum TASKS
tasks Current task state (0, 1, 2, or 3)
0x7c 4
struct Mission*
pmission Mission pointer
0x94 4
cparents Count of parent nodes
0x98 4
struct Task**
paparents Pointer to array of parent nodes
0xa0 4
cchildren Count of child nodes
0xa4 4
struct Task**
pachildren Pointer to array or child nodes
0xb8 4
checkpoint ID ID of the associated checkpoint (0 if none)
0xbc 4
checkpoint map ID Map ID for the checkpoint, if any
0xc0 4
checkpoint player ID ID of the player character for the checkpoint, if any