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GameSly 2: Band of Thieves

The lighting system in Sly 2 is responsible for illuminating objects and casting shadows.

Ambient lighting[edit | edit source]

Ambient lighting controls the base illumination of all entities in a level. It can be changed by modifying an RBG value in RAM.

Dynamic lights[edit | edit source]

Shadows[edit | edit source]

There are seemingly three types of shadows in the game:

  • "Real" shadows, which are cast by entities, and terrain in exterior maps.
  • "Hard" shadows, which are defined by a shadow entity in the level.
  • "Soft" shadows, which are baked into the level geometry/textures.

Each type of shadow is clearly visible on any type of shadow lower on the list. When two "real" shadows overlap, they meld together.

Hard shadows[edit | edit source]

Hard shadows are only used on interior maps. Any map that uses them will have an entity called FK$Xmapname_shadows. They were likely procedurally generated once the layout of each level was finalized.