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GameSly 2: Band of Thieves

The lighting system in Sly 2 is responsible for illuminating objects and casting shadows.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting controls the base illumination of all entities in a level. It can be changed by modifying an RBG value in RAM.

Dynamic lights


There seems to be three types of shadows in the game:

  • "Real" shadows - Cast in real-time by entities (and terrain in exterior maps).
  • "Hard" shadows - Rendered as a special shadow entity in the level.
  • "Soft" shadows - Baked into the level geometry/textures.

Each type of shadow is clearly visible when overlaps with a type of shadow lower on the list. When two "real" shadows overlap, they combine together.

Hard shadows

Hard shadows are only used on interior maps. Any map that uses them will have an entity called FK$Xmapname_shadows. They were likely procedurally generated once the layout of each level was finalized.