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GameSly 2: Band of Thieves
TypeMIPS r5900 ELF

SCUS_973.16 is the executable for the NTSC-U release of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It is an ELF binary compiled for the PS2’s Emotion Engine processor.


Main loop

The main game loop can be broken down as follows.

  • Call an unknown function that takes a pointer to a global struct as an argument.
  • UpdateJoy(&g_joy) – Handles controller input
  • ...
  • MarkClockTick(&g_clock) – Updates the global clock values
  • ...
  • if (DAT_002dd644 == 0) – If the global variable at 0x002dd644 is zero...
    • ...
  • Otherwise...
    • ...
  • if (DAT_002dd644 != 0) – If the global variable at 002dd644 is not zero..
    • ...
  • CloseFrame() – Finishes rendering the frame
  • Increment the global frame counter, g_cframe.

This routine continues in an infinite loop unless Exit is called or a handled exception causes execution to halt, in which case you are immediately booted back to the PS2 BIOS.

Build Strings

Build User america
Build Date Long 08/13/04 00:32
Build Date Short 0813.0032