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Cheatnet image.png
CheatNet opened in game
Initial ReleaseFebruary 10 2023
GameSly 2: Band of Thieves

CheatNet is an in-game mod menu for Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Description[edit | edit source]

The menu was made using the GUI of ThiefNet. It can be opened in any map or scenario by pressing R1+Select.

Video showcase[edit | edit source]

Note: Some features listed below are not published yet.

Cheats[edit | edit source]

Respawn as Sly, Bentley or Murray

  • Reloads the current level and spawns the selected character in front of the safehouse


  • Scroll though every map in the game with Cross and Right D-Pad. Press L1 to reload into the selected map

Infinite Jumps

  • Freezes the jump state value of the character

Spin Charge Boost

  • A mod that greatly increases the speed of Sly's Lightning Spin and spin attack

Turnbuckle Boost

  • Allows Murray to jump extra high and move quicker midair

Bentley's Jetpack

  • Turns the Hover Pack into a properly flyable jetpack with infinite fuel (WIP)

Flyable Glider

  • Allows the paraglider to gain height when pulling as well as greater flying speed


  • Makes current character visually undetectable by guards


  • Makes current character invulnerable to anything (except getting hit by a train)

Damage Type

  • Scroll through every damage type in the game with Cross and Right D-Pad. The selected type applies it into the character's attacks

Infinite HP+MP

  • Gives the character infinite health and gadget power


  • Time moves as Sly moves (Idea by BloxXor)

Max Draw Distance

  • Sets the render distance for objects as high as it can go. Very laggy


  • A visually unpleasant mod (by Gou)

Despawn All Guards

  • Despawns all currently spawned guards, then pools them at available locations


  • Activates infinite reach chase for every guard for a split second

Toggle Guard AI

  • Can be used to activate guard AI during cutscenes.

Toggle Job Fail

  • Toggles the GUI for failing a job. Can be used to intentionally fail at jobs to reload them

Toggle Jobs

  • Spawns in every single job waypoint into the current map. Can also be used to despawn them


  • Scroll through different weather conditions with Cross and Right D-Pad. Available options are Normal, Extreme and None

Toggle Skybox

  • Removing the skybox makes the sky pitch black (white in Canada levels)


  • Scroll through set clock speeds with Cross and Right D-Pad

Other features[edit | edit source]

  • Visual overhaul: removed any resemblance of the original ThiefNet
  • Instant map reload with L1 (or activate Jobmap with R2)
  • Saving or loading coordinates with L3 and R3
  • Reset all clues bottles of the current map with L2
  • Fast scrolling (Hold Circle while scrolling up or down)
  • Compatibility with original 4:3 aspect ratio as well as 16:9 widescreen patch
  • Custom menu sounds
  • Many other tiny workarounds to make the experience bearable

Cheat toggling[edit | edit source]

The entire menu operates in the sell menu for treasures in ThiefNet. All treasure names are changed to toggleable cheats, with their prices removed. Toggling cheats is the simplest part of the code;

  • The mod sets the values of each treasure to 99 upon booting the game. Every cheat is disabled by default, so it checks if the value of a treasure is 99, and then sets it to 7. (7 = Cheat disabled)
  • Selling one treasure naturally decreases the treasure's amount by 1. For enabling a cheat, it then checks if the amount is 6 and sets it to 100 (100 = Cheat enabled).
  • The values 7 and 100 are then used as checks for the cheat, indicating the cheat is disabled or enabled respectively

The reason for 7 and 100 being the indicators is simply because they look cool. The initial idea was to use 1 and 100 instead, but having 1 of one treasure stops displaying the amount, and decreasing the value from 1 completely removes the treasure from the list, even if the value was edited internally afterwards. The menu would then need to be reopened to see the listing again.

Known issues[edit | edit source]

  • Right D-Pad needs to be pressed every time the menu is opened
  • The mod has way too many lines of code to work on real hardware (Has only been tested with Cheat Device)
  • Attempting to open other GUIs such as the pause/gadget menu while in CheatNet causes some crazy vector glitches

Credits[edit | edit source]

  • BloxXor - cheat menu concept, treasure sell code + SUPERHOT idea
  • TheOnlyZac - sly-string-toolkit + global coordinates code
  • NiV-L-A - onetime write method
  • fr4nk0 - created a timesaving script to convert the map AOB list into 4 byte chunks
  • zami3333 - everything else

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The release of CheatNet was made possible thanks to sly-string-toolkit
  • R1+Select was the official combo that developers used to access the Debug Menu

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