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Featured Mods are displayed on the Main Page using the {{Main page mod spotlight}} template. Each month, an eligible mod is randomly selected to be featured.


Eligible mods are tagged with {{Featured mod candidate}} by an admin. This adds them to Category:Featured mod candidates.

These are the criteria for a mod to qualify for the main page spotlight:

  • It has a title, creator, and download link listed in its infobox
  • It has an acceptable quality image and well-written description in the article
  • The mod is functional and mostly free of bugs

Featured mod history

Date Mod
June 2024 Sly 2:Invert Camera Option
May 2024 Sly 2:Scary Hand
April 2024 Sly 2:Scary Rat
March 2024 Sly 3:Disguise Switcher
February 2024 Sly 2:Freecam Mod
January 2024 Sly 2:Peaceful
December 2023 Sly 2:Gang Mayhem
November 2023 Sly 2:Perfect Loot Odds
October 2023 Sly 2:Rage_Mode
August 2023 Sly 2:Murray in Prague
July 2023 Sly 2:Manhunt
June 2023 Sly 2:CheatNet
May 2023 Sly 3:Parkour Map: Uno
April 2023 Sly 1:FlyHack
February 2023 Sly 1:Rev Roll
January 2023 Sly 1:Freecam mod
December 2022 Sly 2:New Game Plus
November 2022 Sly 1:Rev Roll

Current featured mod

Mod Spotlight
Invert Camera Option
by NiV-L-A & SlyCooperReloadCoded
Replaces the USB Mic option in the pause menu with the option to invert the camera controls.