Unstretched HUD

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Unstretched HUD

Unstretched HUD is an upcoming mod for Sly 2 and 3 that corrects the stretched HUD when the 4:3 screen is stretched to 16:9. It is considered an essential mod when played with a widescreen patch.


The mod is made by first squeezing and moving the stretched HUD into the center of a 16:9 screen. Individual GUIs are then moved and stretched, such as the health bar, letterboxing, coin count, etc.

The mod aims to correct GUIs better than the PS3 remaster, which is known to be sloppy. Internally, stretching the vectors of a GUI is incredibly tedious to work with, as wrong modifications can (and will) crash the game. It is why the mod takes a long time to make, and why it is still unreleased.


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