Sly String Toolkit

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Sly String Toolkit
Creator TheOnlyZac
Initial ReleaseFebruary 10, 2023

Sly String Toolkit is Python script-based tool for making string replacement mods for Sly 2: Band of Thieves. For a tutorial on how to use it, see Guide:Replacing strings.


python <options>

The script supports the following optional arguments:

  • -i <inputfile> - The name of the input csv file (default is `./strings.csv`)
  • -o <outputfile> - The name of the output pnach file (default is `out/07652DD9.mod.pnach`)
  • -a <address> - The address to write the strings to (default is `203C7980`)
  • -d - Output `out.asm` and `out.bin` files for debugging
  • -v - Enable verbose output
  • -h - Show help

How to use

The script takes as input a .csv file with a list of string IDs and replacement strings. It outputs a .pnach file which you should place in your pcsx2/cheats folder. Make sure to enable cheats before booting the game.

CSV file format

The input is a .csv file where each row has the following format:

<string id>,<string>,<optional target address>

  • <string id> is the ID of the string you want to replace
  • <string> is the string to replace it with
  • <optional target address> is the address to write the string to. If not specified, it will be written with the rest of the strings in a block at the address specified by the -a option.