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Zac :)
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RegionUnited States

Hi, I'm Zac! I make mods for the Sly Cooper games and I started the Sly Cooper Decompilation. I also developed Bentley Bot for the Sly Modding Discord server. If you want to reach me, leave a message on my talk page or message me on Discord @theonlyzac.

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Mod spotlight[edit | edit source]

Mod Spotlight
Freecam for Sly 1
by TheOnlyZac
Sly 1 Burning Rubber zoomout.png
This mod adds a free camera mode to Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, allowing you to move the camera anywhere.
Mod Spotlight
Klaww Gang Patrols
by TheOnlyZac
Sly2 KlawwGangPatrols screenshot.png
This mod adds an extra challenge to Sly 2 by having the Klaww Gang bosses patrol the map in free roam.
Mod Spotlight
Cycle Camera Focus
by TheOnlyZac
A LUA script that lets you cycle the camera focus between entities in a level.