Widescreen Patch

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Widescreen Patch

Widescreen patches are the most popular mod for any PCSX2 game and is available for every single build of the Sly games. It works by squeezing the game camera and then stretching the output to 16:9, making it look like widescreen.

Making a widescreen patch

There are 2 ways of making a patch; one requires ASM knowledge, and the other one does not.

Here is a method for making a widescreen patch without knowing assembly:


  • In Cheat Engine's memory scan options, set the "Writable" checkbox to "Gray" in order to find machine code addresses.
  • Set PCSX2's aspect ratio to 16:9 (do not use "fit to screen")

Sly 1 and 2 builds

Scan 3C013FA6 (4 Bytes HEX) and change it to 3C013FDD

Sly 3 builds

Scan 3C014420 (4 Bytes HEX) and change it to 3C014455

Both scans can give multiple results, so it takes some time to pinpoint the correct address.

  • For testing the mod, you have to freeze the address with your new value, then reboot the game. Even if it doesn't visually show you the value you wrote, it will write it on next boot.
  • Another way of testing is writing it into a PNACH and refreshing cheats, although a PCSX2 reboot may still be needed.
  • If something looks off with the patch, the last 4 digits of the value can be edited to correct the mod.


  • Gou's claustrophobia mods use the same address as widescreen patches does