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Parkour Map: Uno
Initial ReleaseSeptember 20, 2022
GameSly 3: Honor Among Thieves
VersionAugust 2 Preview Build

Uno is a parkour map for the Sly 3 August 2 Preview build, using only objects present in the v_gauntlet map. Start the course by loading v_gauntlet through the debug menu and warping to parkour_start. You can quickly access other points of the parkour map with the new warps (parkour_mid, parkour_prelast, parkour_last, parkour_ending).


  • Debug Menu must be enabled.
  • You do not have to be in the 'Into the Depths' job. Simply load the v_gauntlet map through the debug menu and warp to parkour_start.
  • After completing the course once, force a full reload to play the map again (dynamic objects (moving objects) don't reset with a soft reload (sly 3 moment)). For this reason, downloading the 'Full Reload Shortcut' mod from the Weed Sheet may be of help.
  • Do not abuse the Feral Pounce gadget.

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