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Peaceful Mod
Wine cellar in Peaceful mode
Initial ReleaseMay 24, 2023
GameSly 2: Band of Thieves

Peaceful is a mod for Sly 2 that aims to add a "peaceful mode" into freeroam. It is a toggleable option in the pause menu that removes all guards and hazards from levels. The mod is planned to be ported to Sly 3 as well as other Sly 2 builds.

The toggle is locked by default and a 100% savefile is required, although this can be bypassed with hacks (see mod comments).

Peaceful toggle locked, because the file is not 100% completed

Known issues

  • Level reload is required after toggling
  • The first version will only work in hub worlds, despawning every single guard. A later update will include submaps and every single inanimate hazard such as tanks or spotlights
  • Replaces USB headset option instead of adding a new one


  • The mod got its name from Minecraft's peaceful difficulty that despawns hostile mobs