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The infographic posted to announce the mod jam

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, the Sly Modding Discord Server had its first ever mod jam. All members were encouraged to make and submit a mod and the community voted on their favorite.


  • The event was announced on the Discord server on Wednesday 9/7/22.
  • Mod submissions were open from Sun 9/18/22 - Mon 9/19/22.
  • Voting was open from Tues 9/20 - Thurs 9/22/22.
    • The mod with the most votes from the community during this period wins.
  • The winner was announced on Friday 9/23/22.


  1. Your mod submission must be a .PNACH file.
    • You may include a video or screenshots showing off the mod, which is recommended but not required.
  2. You can submit a mod alone or as a group.
    • You cannot submit both a solo mod and a group mod (only one submission per person).
  3. You must submit a new mod, not one you've already created in the past.
    • Mods don’t have to be made only during the submission window– you can start working on it now.
  4. Your mod cannot be for a specific job.



The winner of the jam was Parkour Map: Uno with 27 votes! Thanks to everyone who participated in the first mod jam.

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