Sly 1:Merciless Difficulty

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Merciless Difficulty
Creator(s)SlyCooperReloadCoded, zami3333, NiV-L-A
Initial ReleaseSeptember 20, 2022
GameSly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

This mod cranks the difficulty up to a ludicrously high degree, creating the ultimate challenge, but will be hard for the average player. There's the basic things like no charms or lives, but also more advanced additions like disabled autosaving and a thick fog obscuring almost everything. There's enough in each level to get the key at the end, but just barely, and sometimes you'll be relying on sound alone.

It's more complicated than just that though, lots of other limiting factors have been put in place such as making all known World Skips impossible and limiting collected nitro pickups in races, among other things. Can you complete the game with all keys?

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