Sly 2:Klaww Gang Patrols

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Klaww Gang Patrols
Jean Bison patrolling in Episode 7
Initial ReleaseSeptember 20, 2022
GameSly 2: Band of Thieves
VersionNTSC (United States)

This mod adds an extra challenge to Sly 2 by having the Klaww Gang bosses patrol the map in free roam.

  • Dimitri patrols in Ep 1 once you complete "Follow Dmitri".
  • Rajan patrols in Ep 3 once you complete "Leading Rajan".
  • Jean Bison patrols in Ep 7 the whole time.


  • This mod was released during the Sly Cooper Modding Discord's September 2022 mod jam.
  • There is code to spawn the Contessa in Episode 4 but is it disabled because it did not work in testing.


  • Jean Bison doesn't might not spawn in Episode 7 due to a mistake in the conditional patch codes
  • After dealing the final hit to Dimitri, he freezes on the last frame of his damage animation

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