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Bentley Bot
Initial ReleaseJune 1 2023

Bentley is an AI chat bot in for the Sly Modding Discord Server. He was created by TheOnlyZac to assist with modding discussions in the server. His primary role is to answer questions about modding and reverse-engineering using data from the SlyMods Wiki.

For more information, including an FAQ and changelog, visit the Bentley Bot website.

How to use Bentley

You can chat with Bentley by mentioning him anywhere in the Sly Modding Discord Server. You can also reply to one of his messages to keep the conversation going.


  • Respond to messages - Bentley can chat with users in the server using the ChatGPT API. He will respond to any message that he is mentioned in.
  • Search the wiki - Bentley can search the SlyMods wiki and Wikipedia to answer questions and discuss any topic.
  • Get info from Wolfram Alpha - Bentley can ask WolframAlpha for things like the weather, unit conversions, solving math problems, and more.
  • Send images and videos - Bentley can send images and YouTube videos he sees on the SlyMods wiki. He will try to send relevant images upon request.


To send feedback or questions, you can just send a DM to the bot. He will ask if you you want to forward the message to an administrator.

If you would like to contact us directly, you can also email bentley (at) slymods (dot) info.