Sly Trilogy Trainer

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Sly Trilogy Trainer
Initial ReleaseOctober 21, 2018

Sly Trilogy Trainer by Gou is a real-time trainer made with Cheat Engine's form designer. It supports Sly 2 (NTSC, PAL, March 17) and Sly 3 (PAL).


  • Level and job loader
  • Coordinate manipulation (and quick warps)
  • Character select, health & gadgets
  • Toggle fly (control with R2 & L2)
  • Camera FOV, draw distance, clock speed
  • Edit coins


  1. Start PCSX2 and boot a Sly game
  2. Start Sly Trilogy Trainer
  • Press the "Not Attached" button to re-attach, if the emulator is ever restarted.


  • The trainer doesn't utilize any pointers and some features may stop working all of a sudden.
  • It only works with 32-bit versions of PCSX2, where the EE base is located at memory address 0x20000000.
  • Some maps loaded with the map selector use slightly wrong DAG states, and may not work as intended/can hardlock the game.
  • The trainer is no longer being developed and a successor is aiming to have Sly Trilogy Trainer's features up-to-date.

Video showcases


  • Special thanks to NiV-L-A for helping with A LOT of stuff
  • Meos for finding and sharing a way to load levels on the fly