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Sly 3 July Preview
Game Build
GameSly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Build DateJuly 16 2005
Disc IDSCUS_974.64
PreviousJuly 7 2005
NextAugust 2 2005

The July Preview Code or July prototype of Sly 3 is the earliest known non-demo build of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It contains early versions of the Prologue, Hazard Room and Episodes 1, 2, & 3.


  • No Motion Blur - Disables the ghosting effect.
  • No Interlacing - Removes the game's interlacing for better image quality. (Don't use on latest PCSX2)
  • Save Conflict Fix - Change's the save file name to avoid conflicts with other Sly builds.
  • Unlock Hazard Room - Using the cheat code (Up, Down, Down, Down, R1, Left), you will be taken to the Hazard Room.
  • Easy Safes - Uses Sly's outline color to make safe opening easier.



An early version of the prologue is fully playable. It has some placeholder assets.

Hazard Room

The Hazard Room is not available from the menu, but it can be manually accessed with this mod. The mod copies Hazard Room's map values (64 bytes) into an unused cheat code. The cheat code would normally be used to warp to Episode 4, but it is disabled in this prototype. When the mod is installed, input the following code in the pause menu:

Up, Down, Down, Down, R1, Left

Kaine Island

Episode 6 is partially playable but mostly incomplete. It can be selected from the DVD menu but it crashes after the first mission. It is possible to load "A Deadly Bite" by manually changing the current checkpoint, but loading most other checkpoints crash the game or boot you out to the DVD menu.


There are prototype versions of the Hackathon and Cops & Robbers multiplayer modes.

Build strings

The following strings can be found in the executable.

Build user build
Build date (long) 07/16/05 18:54
Build date (short) 0716.1854


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