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Map Mastery
Creator(s)SlyCooperReloadCoded, zami3333, NiV-L-A
Initial ReleaseDecember 11, 2023
GameSly 2: Band of Thieves

Inspired by the efforts of early 2000s glitch hunters such as SlyCooperRawks, Cooper Vault, BASSUB, and several others, this mod allows nearly-unrestricted exploration and re-entry of every game map, nullifying dangers and adding teleport triggers to reach hard-to-access locations, as well as some optional toggles for gameplay tweaks.

Video Showcase


  • This mod is designed for PCSX2 1.7 nightly and newer due to the ability to individually toggle cheats. 1.6.0 and earlier should work but is untested.
  • It also aims to remove the need for any trainers or external tools.

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