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This article will tell you how to upload and properly use images in the wiki.

How to upload images

To upload an image (or any other kind of file), click the Upload file link in the sidebar (or search for Special:Upload). From there you can select a file and give it a name/description.

Image guidelines

When uploading images, please follow these guidelines:

  • The preferred file type is PNG.
    • You may upload a JPEG if it is the only available image and there is no alternative (for instance, images from a press release).
    • Do not convert images to PNG, as the converted file will be worse than the original.
  • In-game screenshots should be captured at native resolution.
    • This can be done by setting your PCSX2 resolution to native and capturing the screenshot through PCSX2 directly.
    • This is to ensure all screenshots are consistent and faithful to the games.
      • If you only have a non-native resolution screenshot and you are unable to take a new one, upload it anyway and tag it with {{Replace image|Not native resolution}}.
  • Use descriptive files names.
    • e.g. Sly 1 May proto debug menu.png instead of SCREENSHOT_202207050937.PNG.
  • Please tag images when you upload them
    • Tagging an image automatically places the images in the correct categories for you.
    • See below for the complete list of image tags.

Tagging images

When you upload your image, there will be a box to type in a description. This is where you can tag your image so it gets added to the appropriate category. Just copy/paste one of these in the description box and change the parameters accordingly.


Use this tag for all screenshots of games, tools, or other things. Replace "Sly 1" with whatever game it is a screenshot of, or nothing if it's a screenshot of something else.

{{Screenshot tag|Sly 1}}


Use this tag for all logos. Replace "Sly 1" with whatever game the logo is from, or nothing if it's a logo of something else.

{{Logo tag|Sly 1}}


Use this tag for any kind of icon or symbol.

{{Icon tag}}

Personal images

Use this tag for images you plan to use on your user page. If you stop using these images, they will likely be deleted.

{{Personal image|username}}

Replace image

Use this tag to mark images that need to be replaced. Please put the reason as the first parameter.

{{Replace image|Put the reason here.}}