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Use this template to add an Infobox to an article for a modding tool. It automatically adds the article to Category:Tools.

Usage[edit source]

The template supports the following parameters.

  • name - The title above the infobox. Default is the full page name.
  • image - An image to be displayed in the infobox. Default is {{No image}}.
    • Use just the name of the image, e.g. File:ITM anticrack firewall.png, not [[File:ITM anticrack firewall]]
  • caption - The caption below the image.
  • width - Width of the image/infobox body. Default is 360px.
  • creator - The name of the person who created the tool.
  • releasedate - The date the tool was first released.
  • github - The name of the github repo, if there is one.
    • Use just the name of the repo, not the URL, e.g. theonlyzac/dagviz, not https://github.com/theonlyzac/dagviz