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This is one of three helper templates for displaying enum values on an article. They are

They must always be used together to build a full table of values.


{{Enum top|Caption}}
{{Enum field|name|value|description}}
{{Enum field|name|value|description}}
{{Enum bottom}}


{{Enum top|FGS}}
{{Enum value|FGS_FirstClue|0x1}}
{{Enum value|FGS_HalfClues|0x2}}
{{Enum value|FGS_AllClues|0x4}}
{{Enum value|FGS_FirstVault|0x8}}
{{Enum value|FGS_SecondVault|0x10}}
{{Enum bottom}}
Name Value Description
FGS_FirstClue 0x1
FGS_HalfClues 0x2
FGS_AllClues 0x4
FGS_FirstVault 0x8
FGS::SecondVault 0x10