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2P Freeroam
Murray and Sly playing together in Holland.
GameSly 3: Honor Among Thieves

2P Freeroam is an upcoming mod for Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, that lets Player 2 join the game by pressing START. The game reloads into an improved horizontal splitscreen mode. When the mode is loading, both players can choose a character to play with (see below).

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  1. Select any episode's hub with Player 1
  2. Player 2 can now press START to reload the map into multiplayer

It's recommended to only do this when there isn't a cutscene playing. Player 1 should stand somewhere in the map and then you can safely press START.


When loading into multiplayer, hold one of the following buttons to force a specific map time:

  • D-Pad Up: Day Time
  • D-Pad Down: Night Time

Note: Only Player 1 can choose the map time.

During the loading screen you can hold one of the following buttons to choose a specific character:

  • X: Sly
  • Triangle: Bentley
  • Square: Murray
  • R1: Carmelita
  • L1: Guru
  • Circle: Panda King

If both players hold the same button down, the game will reload again. And if no buttons are held, the mod defaults to Sly & Bentley.


  • Improved splitscreen: Both players' cameras now use the full space of the gameplay screen.
  • GUI fixes: the health bars are in more natural positions, the info bar is in the middle of the screen, and all binocucoms are stretched to fill the screens.
  • The safehouse doors in each hub are disabled to avoid softlocks.
  • Every hub has a pre-determined spawn position somewhere in the middle of the level.


  • This mod might possibly mess with your savefile, proceed with caution!
  • This mod was made in CLPS2C.

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