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Full ThiefNet
GameSly 2: Band of Thieves

Full ThiefNet is a mod that makes every gadget in ThiefNet available for purchase from the beginning of the game. It includes literally everything, like gadgets from vaults and cheat codes. Extra gadgets that aren't supposed to be purchased have been given a custom price. The mod also unlocks Tornado Strike, which is an unused gadget and does not actually unlock anything. This mod is planned for Sly 2 prototypes as well as Sly 3 builds.

Known issues

  • Currently, buying the TOM or Time Rush is self-scam. An update that disables the official cheat codes is planned.
  • Despite the GIF below showing Mega Jump's price, the gadget is currently free, as the player would have to buy it again after each load
  • Mega Jump can only be used in hubs for now, but an update that keeps the Mega Jump gadget is planned.

GIF Showcase

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