Sly 2:Bohemian Scare

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Sly 2: Bohemian Scare
Initial ReleaseNovember 6 2022
GameSly 2: Band of Thieves
VersionJuly 2004 Prototype


This mod is a PNACH/Texture Replacement combo. Put the .pnach in the cheats folder and put the SCUS-97316 folder in the textures folder. Enable "Load Textures" and "Precache Textures".


Sly, during the FMV:  "I don't know what's in my future, but I WON'T let it be a repeat of my past."

*Shortly afterwards, during the drive to Paris...*

Sly: "Hey Bentley, back at the museum, did you notice that something seemed a bit... off?"

Bentley:  "Yes, a slight red fog was covering the area.  While hacked into museum security, found CCTV recordings of the Klaww Gang's break-in.  When they gained access to the room containing the Clockwerk Parts, they knocked over a priceless ancient Bohemian relic containing some sort of black magic.  A red powdery smoke filled the air and seemed to bind itself to the Clockwerk Parts.  The fog here in Cairo is only the residual fog - the real problem will be when we eventually track down each part, as the density of this fog will have increased significantly by the time we get there.  However, you should be able to determine your approximate position by carefully observing the shadows and your relative position to the moo-"

Sly:  "Whoa, slow down, are you telling me we won't be able to see three feet in front of us?  I good on my feet but if I can't SEE my feet... is the mission even doable at this point?"

Bentley:  "Well, I'd imagine the Klaww Gang have developed a way to see through hazards like this, but I certainly haven't, especially on such short notice.  What if I... there!  With this change, some things like clues and guards will be highlighted white when you get close to them - should make navigation easier."

Sly:  "Only by a little!  That's not good enough, we barely have an edge.  Can you think of anything else?"

Bentley:  "Well, I do have this experimental Mega Jump pack..."

Sly:  "So, what?  I can jump really high?  That would help, what's the catch?"

Bentley:  "The catch is that it'll need to be in close contact 500 coins in order to function, meaning you'll have to balance ThiefNet purchases and general mobility.  To use it, hold L2 and R2, and your normal jump will get a siginificant boost."

Sly:  "Sounds a challenge, but we'll pull through."

Bentley:  "We're coming up on Paris now and- yeah, it's just as I predicted."

Sly:  "Uhh, be careful getting us to the Safehouse, Murray."


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