You are about to upload a new file to SlyMods. If the file is an image, please tag it and make sure it adheres to the Image Guidelines.

  • Your file will be automatically licensed as CC-BY-SA unless you specify otherwise in the file description.
  • All files must abide by British copyright law; failure to do so may result in copyright strikes and/or wiki closure.

Using images

After uploading an image, you can include it a page as follows:

  • [[File:Filename.png]]
    • Inserts the full-size image on the page
  • [[File:Filename.png|200px|thumb|right|Caption]]
    • Puts the image it in a 200-pixel wide box on the right side with the caption "Caption"
  • [[Media:Filename.png]]
    • Inserts a link to the image (or other file) without displaying it

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