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These are the rules and policies for adding content to the wiki. Please be sure to read them before contributing!

Violating these rules may result in a temporary or permanent block from editing at the discretion of the site admins.

Content Policy

When adding new content to the wiki, please abide by the following rules:

  1. Keep contributions on-topic – The scope of this wiki is technical content related to modding and reverse-engineering the games. Lore and fandom content should go on the official Sly Cooper wiki.
  2. No mod uploads – Storage space is limited so the wiki is not to be used as a file hosting site. Any files you upload to the wiki should only be to expand or improve the wiki content. Upload your creations elsewhere and link to them using {{Infobox mod}} or {{Infobox tool}}.
  3. No copyright violations – Do not post any copyrighted game code, assets, or content from other sites unless you have the proper license/attribution.
  4. No NSFW content – Do not post any NSFW text, images, or other content on the wiki.
  5. When in doubt, ask for help - If you aren't sure whether something is allowed, you can always ask for help on Discord or ask an administrator on their talk page.

Code of Conduct

  1. Do not vandalize the wiki – Vandalism refers to edits that are intentionally harmful or destructive to the wiki. Examples include adding inappropriate/nonsense content to articles, spamming articles or talk pages, and blanking article content for no good reason. It does not include good-faith edits that have honest mistakes.
  2. Be respectful – Please be respectful of other editors and their contributions. Edit warring, personal attacks, and other destructive behaviors are not acceptable. Targeted harassment of any kind including racism, sexism, and homophobia will not be tolerated.
  3. Assume good faith – If another editor is showing problematic behavior, don’t jump the gun and assume they have bad intentions. Try to help them, and refer them to the appropriate rules and policies where necessary. When in doubt, feel free to bring it to an administrator’s attention and we will handle it as needed.

Be bold

If you want to add something but it is not covered by these rules, be bold and do what you think is best, whether that means creating a new article or including it as a section on an already-existing article. As long as you follow all the above rules (and use common sense), you will not get in trouble for doing what you think is best if you are truly trying to improve the wiki.