Character Switcher

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Character Switcher
Initial ReleaseAugust 8 2022

Character Switcher is a mod for Sly 2: Band of Thieves that allows real-time character switching during free roam or jobs. It is planned to be made for Sly 3 as well.

Description[edit source]

Characters can be switched by first holding R1+Select, and then pressing any of the following buttons:

  • Cross: Sly
  • Triangle: Bentley
  • Square: Murray

Video showcase[edit source]

Known issues[edit source]

  • For now, the button combo (being R1+Select) makes it incompatible with mods like CheatNet, but is planned to be changed in future updates
  • Awkward to use color buttons for switching (e.g. Bentley blowing himself up)
  • If the character is not already spawned, the camera will either point to 0,0,0 or the safehouse, instead of spawning the character in. (Planned feature)

Trivia[edit source]

  • Almost all the logic and knowledge about switching characters on the fly were already figured out in 2019 by NiV-L-A

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